Law firm Parvanova & Associates has a team of highly qualified lawyers and associates and offers its customers high-quality legal assistance in various areas of law, subject to strict confidentiality and maximum protection of the interests of clients.

In our firm work 6 attorneys and 8 associates. We built own network of independents experts to be used for carrying out activities in the corresponding fields.

Each case is approached very responsibly, with a view to finding the right solution for the customer. The assigned work is carried out in a team, which leads to increased the quality and speed of work.

Through its lawyers and through its partners abroad our firm protects the rights of its clients in all European countries, including countries not members of the European Union, the CIS and other countries.

What we offer

Our team provides procedural representation in all courts - civil, criminal, administrative throughout Greece and Bulgaria, out-of-court representation before arbitration bodies to the state, municipal administration, and individuals in Greece and Bulgaria Bulgaria. We provide advice and assistance in the field of European Union law and individual European countries, CIS countries and other countries around the world.

We present and settle real estate transactions in Greece - Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, Kavala - all of Greece and Bulgaria. We present and arrange the establishment of companies in Bulgaria and Greece - opening bank accounts of the company, finding headquarters, accounting.

Representation before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg for any violations of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, also before the Court of Justice of the European Communities in Luxembourg for violations of EU law.

Civil Law

Governs the legal relations between workers and employers through legislation (labor law) governing these relations.

Admistrative Law

Regulates social relations in the sphere of activities of government bodies and officials in their execution of public functions in the state and territorial structures.

Criminal Law

Regulates social relations caused by a crimes. It includes three legal branches: substantive criminal law, criminal procedure law and criminal enforcement law.

Family and inheritance law

Regulates property and non-egalitarian relationships between individuals caused by marriage, kinship and adoption.

Property Law

Regulates the rights of ownership, use, holding, disposition.

Contractual Law

Contract Law, which regulates the nature of the bond relationships and governs various types of them.

Executive Cases

The writ of execution was issued by a court document which authorizes be made enforceable against you. It should set an enforceable, based on which it came to enforcement by a bailiff.

Maritime Law

Consultation procedures of ships arrest. In front of state and arbitration courts in disputes of inland and international waters, we represent our clients.

European Law

Advice regarding the legal cases in other countries, EU members.

Commercial Law

Regulates the legal position of traders and relationships which they execute.

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